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Jointechlabs: Regenerative Medicine Therapeutics for Joint Pain, Orthopedics, and Aesthetics

Regenerative medicine therapies use a patient’s own cells, processed to maximize key attributes, to aid in healing. This relatively new field has broad applications in orthopedics, sports medicine, aesthetics, wound healing, and reconstruction – markets totaling over $100 Billion annually.

Microfat, produced by processing a patient’s own fat, is a unique regenerative medicine biologic that contains more regenerative adult stem cells than any other tissue in the body, in addition to fat’s cushioning properties.

However, current microfat processing devices are cumbersome for practitioners by often requiring a surgical room setting, produce lower quality regenerative cells, and are expensive.

Jointechlabs, Inc., a privately held, US-based regenerative medicine and therapeutics company, is a pioneer in the processing and use of microfat to aid healing. Its FDA-cleared flagship product MiniTC® is used in the US by doctors and surgeons to process patient’s own fat (lipoaspirate) into pure injectable microfat at the point-of-care, which is then reinjected into the patient at the site of injury or for aesthetic/reconstructive purposes.

Dr. Nathan Katz, Jointechlabs CEO, MiniTC co-inventor, and influential industry leader, says “From the start, our goal has been to deliver the rejuvenative power of microfat and regenerative medicine therapies by developing technologies that produce the highest quality biologics, are low cost and can be used at the point-of-care so that procedures and therapies

can be delivered in a single patient contact.”

MiniTC is in use today by doctors throughout the United States and is lauded for four unique attributes.

Quality - MiniTC’s patented technology and standardized processing produces industry-leading stem-cell concentrations, high yield and over 92% cell viability. The result is that the microfat produced by MiniTC is the purest and most

effective on the market.

Quantity – MiniTC can process 120mL of dense fat, significantly more than any other system, allowing more in-depth or multiple procedures at one time.

Manufacturing standards - The device is FDA-cleared while Jointechlabs is an ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP-certified manufacturer.

Practitioner fit - MiniTC is single-use, disposable, closed-loop and sterile, is used in a local clinic setting rather than a surgical setting, produces microfat that can be injected with advantageous smaller gauge needles, and processes microfat in about 30 minutes – within a single patient visit. Additionally, MiniTC is less expensive than major competitors.

Dr. Steve Sampson, M.D., founder of The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) and prominent Sports Medicine Physician says “Our practice has been very pleased with the MiniTC Microfat Processing System. It utilizes advanced technology and is efficient and cost effective”, while Dr. Ariana DeMers, DO, President of the Interventional Orthobiologic Foundation (IOF) and prominent Orthopedic Surgeon simply says “Jointechlabs’ MiniTC has been a game changer for me.”

Jointechlabs has a portfolio of 12 patents from jurisdictions including the United States, EU, Israel, Japan, China, and Ukraine, as well as others pending.

Mini-Stem System®, a product based on MiniTC but adding the ability to extract Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), a stem cell extract from fat, is targeted for use outside the US and the company expects to receive EU CE-Mark certification in 2023.

In addition to current products, Jointechlabs has a full pipeline of regenerative medicine therapies under development. One program under clinical development is a stem-cell scaffold biologic therapy for osteoarthritis. This approach to OA combines, for the first time, the regenerative healing properties of stem cells and proprietary viscosupplements.

Another therapy under development is a multi-layered 3D-bioprinted PLUG targeting chronic, pressure, and large warfare wounds. Microfat incorporation into polymeric bio-inks will allow crosslinking of the construct post-printing, thereby enabling the generation of mechanically stable 3D structures with controlled depth for use in grafting of wounds.

Dr. Nishit Pancholi, COO of Jointechlabs, concludes “The regenerative medicine field is large and expected to grow at over 26% annual rate. This is because regenerative medicine therapies are becoming widely available and are both effective and affordable. Jointechlabs’ current and future products create a Regenerative Medicine ecosystem using the latest science and patented technologies to produce the highest quality and most effective regenerative medicine solutions at the point-of-care.”

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