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MedInvest to Host Its 2021 MedTech, Digital Health, and AI Conference June 23-25, 2021

MedInvest, a leading healthcare, biotech, and medtech media and conference company, is pleased to announce that it will host its 2021 MedInvest MedTech, Digital Health, and AI Conference on June 23-25, 2021.

The conference is expected to attract 150-200 investors spanning venture and public funds, family offices, strategics, and government and non-profit grant making entities, as well as 40-50 screened, presenting companies.

The first two days will consist of half a dozen talks by KOLs and investor panels. The final day will focus on individual one-on-one meetings between conference participants, including, but not limited to, meetings between investors and presenting companies, powered by MedInvest's virtual partnering system.

Speakers include Manny Villafana (Founder, St. Jude), Paul LaViolette (SV Health, Former President Medtronic International and Cardiovascular), David Neustaedter (Director of VC at Medtronic), Amir Jafri (CEO, Immunicom, Frm Head of M&A and R&D at Cardinal Health), Shahid Shah (Former CTO, CTS Cardinal Health), and Tak Cheung (NEA).

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