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Monitored Therapeutics: Revolutionizing Respiratory Care

Monitored Therapeutics Inc. (MTI) is revolutionizing respiratory care by addressing the critical issues faced by millions of patients suffering from chronic pulmonary diseases. With its FDA-approved technology and comprehensive digital health platform, MTI empowers primary care providers to diagnose and manage respiratory conditions, significantly improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

The Vicious Cycle in Respiratory Care = $170 billion problem

Respiratory diseases affect over 43 million people in the United States, yet there are only 4,900 pulmonologists available to treat them. Patients with conditions such as COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and lung transplant complications often wait at least six months to receive a formal diagnosis and ongoing care through a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT).  During this waiting period, approximately 80% of these patients end up in the emergency room two to four times before finally receiving a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. This leads to decreased health outcomes and contributes directly to $170 billion in avoidable healthcare costs each year. Even after diagnosis, many patients can only see the pulmonologist once or twice a year, which is often insufficient for effective disease management and can result in patients progressing to higher-cost disease states

MTI addresses these challenges head-on with its innovative end-to-end respiratory platform that produces lab-quality data from any location, empowering healthcare providers to diagnose and monitor patients remotely. This breakthrough allows for continuous care and management of respiratory conditions without the need for frequent specialist visits.

MTI’s Solution: Empowering Primary Care and Patients At Home

MTI’s platform is meticulously designed to cover the entire respiratory care continuum, ensuring that both primary care providers and patients are fully equipped to manage respiratory health effectively through their proprietary avatar-assisted technology. The integration of the GoSpiro device with MTI’s GoClinic and GoMobile solutions facilitates seamless diagnostics, patient management, and continuous monitoring.

The GoClinic provides in-clinic diagnostics through the GoSpiro spirometer, allowing primary care physicians to perform pulmonary function tests (PFTs) without needing a pulmonologist. This democratizes access to high-quality respiratory care, allowing for earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

Following an initial diagnosis by a primary care physician, the GoSpiro device, combined with the GoMobile app, accompanies the patient home. This setup allows for continuous monitoring and management of lung health. To date, the GoSpiro device has completed over 1,500,000 measurements. The device’s patented low-flow technology ensures accuracy, even at low flow rates, which is crucial for detecting airflow obstruction in conditions like COPD. Additionally, the platform includes a coaching avatar that guides providers and patients through the spirometry process, ensuring consistent and reliable test results without the need for direct supervision by a healthcare provider.

MTI’s software produces an industry-standard "Gold Score" to determine disease type and severity. It can alert providers to potential health crises, recommend medication adjustments, and more. Real-time alerts are customized to the provider, while care plans remind patients to take their medications and actively manage their health. These real-time data and alerts enable early intervention, which is crucial for managing chronic conditions, improving patient quality of life, and reducing the number of avoidable ER visits.

This comprehensive approach ensures that providers can deliver the best care to their patients, no matter where they are in their health journey. By integrating high-quality diagnostics and management tools into both primary care and home settings, MTI's platform aligns with value-based care principles, promoting cost-effective, high-quality care.

Proven Impact and Growing Adoption MTI has demonstrated significant success and impact. With over 30 clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies at more than 450 sites in 14 countries, MTI's technology has been validated globally. Additionally, MTI has launched a payer-sponsored primary care diagnostics program in Michigan with Blue Cross Blue Shield, illustrating the scalability and effectiveness of its solutions.

The company has also established partnerships with top healthcare providers such as MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic, further validating its technology and approach. MTI is garnering strong interest from payers and other risk-sharing organizations, which are crucial for continued growth and expansion​.

By shifting care from high-cost specialist settings to more accessible primary care and home environments, MTI’s platform enables cost-effective, high-quality care.

To date MTIs progress has been fueled by some of the top pre-seed and seed investors in the B2B Healthcare space. Their team is led by experts with decades of experience in pulmonary medicine, medical devices, and game development. Their board is led by Mike Kauffman, former CEO of Cardinal Health.

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