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Prevetric's Platform Aimed at Disrupting Digital Standard of Care for Monitoring Hypertension

Traditional methods for measuring hypertension are both highly inaccurate and concerningly outdated. The arbitrary approach of trial-and-error results in increased risk of complications from diabetes, strokes, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and a range of other potential co-morbidities. Despite living in a world of technological, genetic, and medical innovation, controllable medical conditions are continuing to take the lives of millions.

Preventric, a Birmingham based digital health company, is providing solutions which are focused on the world's most significant vascular health disorders - including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cognitive health, and renal disease, which will have a broad impact on the US healthcare system. Through its wearable BPro® technology, Preventric seeks to accelerate precision medicine to reduce vascular disease progression worldwide with its advanced blood pressure data. The Company expects to disrupt the century-old paradigm of one-time, office measurement and transform the process for diagnosing vascular related disorders. Prevetric says its Vascular Health Intelligence® platform will become the “Digital Standard of Care” for managing hypertension and related vascular diseases.

BPro® is an elegant, cuffless, wrist-wearable device that provides revolutionary 24-hour hemodynamic insights. With 21 clinical trials on over 20,000 patients, 70 peer-reviewed papers, eight U.S. Patents, FDA clearance, and permanent reimbursement codes Preventric believes its BPro® technology will change the future of hypertension diagnosis and management. BPro® is able to measure central blood pressure and arterial waveforms with 99.17% accuracy of an arterial line. The BPro® implementation model is similar to that of existing Holter Monitors, making the integration of BPro® into practices more seamless. The Company says that all current competitors utilize uncomfortable cuff-based blood-pressure devices.

Preventric says their Vascular Health Intelligence® platform enables precision information, which drives life-changing care, and results in better outcomes with lower healthcare expenses. With over 100 million Americans suffering from hypertension, Preventric is confident in the a unique opportunity to change the lives of millions of Americans and also create a digital health ecosystem with multiple facets for revenue.

The Preventric team recently partnered with Syneos, to commercialize the BPro® device in physician offices across America. Preventric is also an innovator in the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation and a member of the JP Morgan Life Science Accelerator program.

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