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Travel Telemed – The New Travel Essential for a Post-Covid World

Travel Telemed is a joint venture between an international commercial airline, two billion-dollar international development and distribution partners in the aviation market, and a telemedicine device manufacturer to develop a first-class, affordable telemedicine solution for travelers to use until professional medical care arrives.

The company’s patented telemedicine solution, which does not require a medical background to use, maximizes the chances of survival during the critical time between a medical crisis and emergency room care by integrating a portable oxygen concentrator, off-the-shelf medical grade sensors, and the following key patented features in a unified system, “docked together”:

1. Low energy defibrillation that enables use of a cell phone as the power source for a defibrillator.

2. A universal defibrillator connector.

With the aviation / aerospace expertise and distribution reach of Travel Telemed’s world-class, strategic partners, the company is developing its first-generation product for the commercial airline and executive jet markets for use aboard flights. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and its subsidiary Elta Systems, recognized as one of the leading aerospace engineering companies in the world, is Travel Telemed’s primary R&D partner and Swissport International AG, one of the largest airport services companies in the world, is the company’s primary distribution partner.

The device can be used in other travel-related markets such as cruise ships, yachts, recreational boats, RVs, hotels, resorts, and amusement parks, among others.

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