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Presenting Companies

(as of 12/5/2020)


Acticor Biotech is a clinical stage biotechnology company, founded in 2013 as a spin-off of INSERM, developing an innovative drug for the treatment of acute thrombotic diseases, including the acute phase of ischemic stroke.  The Drug Candidate of Acticor Biotech, glenzocimab (ACT017) is currently being evaluated in ACTIMIS (NCT03803007) an international, multi-center clinical trial in combination with the reference treatment in patients with acute ischemic stroke.


Barologics, a Minneapolis-St. Paul based private, company, produces a disruptive technology to treat hypertension, heart failure and CKD through closed loop stimulation of Hering’s nerve.


Bonde Innovations is positioned to transform the advanced heart failure market with technology spun out of Yale, 7 issued patents, and a very experienced team. We’ve grabbed the attention of major medical device companies and VCs that recognize the incredible potential impact of our device which is called CoRISMATM. We oversubscribed our seed round, secured a $550k Phase 1 NIH grant, and now we’re seeking the right investment partners to join our Series A which we intend to close in Q2 2021.


Calon Cardio is the developer of a healthcare platform designed to offer the next generation of implantable micro blood pumps for the treatment of chronic heart failure. The company's healthcare platform develops miniature blood pumps that boost the heart's output and reduce the stress on the heart and can be implanted through minimally invasive surgical procedures, enabling healthcare professionals to treat patients progressing through the spectrum of advancing heart failure.


Cardiac Insight, Inc. ( based in Bellevue, WA, USA is a leading U.S. digital healthcare innovation company specializing in the development of medical-grade, body-worn sensor technology and automated cardiac analysis solutions through its proprietary algorithms and software platforms. The company’s highly-differentiated products include the Cardea SOLO™ wearable ECG Sensor and Software Analysis System - the only FDA-cleared, 7-day ambulatory ECG monitoring system that enables clinicians to perform complete, automated ECG analysis of over fifteen significant cardiac arrhythmias at the point of clinical care in 5 minutes, and Cardea 20/20 ECG™ – the only resting ECG System designed for cardiac risk screening in young athletes at all levels of play.


Centerline Biomedical was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from Cleveland Clinic, with world-leading expert Roy Greenberg, a pioneer in vascular surgery We have developed a navigation technology to improve visualization and guidance while reducing the dependence on radiation and nephrotoxic contrast agents, while simultaneously reducing procedure time/cost and improving access to care.  The Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS™) leverages patented computerized analysis techniques to generate a patient-specific vascular map combined with electromagnetic tracking and smart sensor-equipped surgical devices to provide real-time, 3-D, color visualization of the navigation of the human endovascular system. The company is now into a “controlled launch”, revenue generating, with cases completed at leading institutions in the US. R&D pipeline includes many Structural Heart applications, Peripheral Vascular and Neurovascular    


CorInnova has developed a revolutionary minimally invasive non-blood contacting biventricular cardiac assist device for the treatment of heart failure (HF) that would eliminate the many adverse events associated with existing cardiac assist devices due to blood contact.  The device, initially for the large & fast-growing short-term cardiac assist market (up to 7 days’ use), will expand the market by $2B to an $6B addressable market by treating patients who cannot use existing devices.   The novel soft collapsible device provides cardiac assist by gently squeezing the heart in a physiologically correct way. The direct cardiac compression device is delivered minimally invasively, with total surgery time estimated at only 30 minutes. The device does not contact the blood, thereby eliminating the risk of thrombosis & stroke, the need for anti-coagulants, the risk of bleeding, & the risk of kidney dysfunction & damage. The company has been successful in building a strong and experienced management and advisory team and has been validated by a sophisticated lead investor in the Wellcome Trust.


EndoShape, Inc. (Boulder, Co USA), an expert in radiopaque shape memory biocompatible polymers, develops polymer based, minimally invasive embolization and occlusion devices for peripheral and neurovascular applications in the interventional radiology market that will substantially replace existing technology. Current embolization coils are made of metal which cause large artifacts reducing the quality of CT and MRI imaging. EndoShape’s polymer based coils cause virtually no artifacts. EndoShape is waiting only on the final copy of the GLP animal study to complete its 510(k) and already knows that its coil technology is superior to the predicate device in all aspects.


Endovab's mission is to develop and provide innovative endovascular tools and techniques that improve vascular treatments through research and clinical experience. Endovab was founded in 2009 and has its head office in Stockholm and a research laboratory in Uppsala. The company’s founder and innovation lead MD, Ph.D. Krister Liungman, Head of Vascular Surgery at Uppsala University Hospital, has more than 25 years of experience in treating vascular disease. With experienced backers and a driven team, Endovab is committed to its objective of improving treatment within the field of endovascular surgery.


Eucardia develops the Heart Damper® a cardiac device intended as destination therapy for people suffering from advanced heart failure. Compared to current invasive and high cost life-saving late treatments, the Heart Damper is a breakthrough due to its simplicity, minimal invasiveness profile, no-need for external power supply, and earlier stage of intervention.


ezCOL is a Dutch biotech company, that serves as the preferred valorization partner for all pharmaceutical IP that is generated by the European Space Agency (ESA) MELiSSA program. Our lead compound in development targets LDL-cholesterol. Current drugs, like statins, cause severe adverse effects. We aim to develop a highly potent and LDL-selective cholesterol-lowering drug with excellent class-leading safety profiles.


FEops offers a unique pre-operative planning platform for structural heart interventions based on personalized predictive modelling. This scalable, automated and AI-enabled cloud-based platform contributes to better clinical outcome and improved procedure efficiency, fostering market penetration and therapy adoption. Discover more about FEops at


FineHeart has developed the ICOMS (Implantable Cardiac Output Management System), a novel, wirelessly powered, fully implantable mechanical circulatory support device that is able to optimize cardiac output while preserving the heart’s innate contractility. It is a game changing therapy for long term circulatory assistance in severe heart failure patients. FineHeart was founded by a team of four internationally renowned cardiologists, led by Dr. Stéphane Garrigue (ICOMS Inventor) and Dr. Philippe Ritter, co-inventor of cardiac resynchronization therapy, with a vision of making a miniaturized, fully implantable, pulsatile circulatory support system that would overcome many of the challenges associated with left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) currently on market. The overarching goal is to restore normal cardiac output and allow heart failure patients to return to a normal quality of life. The founding scientists and clinicians have been joined by four managers with specific expertise in the medical device industry, led by Arnaud Mascarell (CEO).


SPONSOR AND PRESENTER: The FreeMind Group is the leading international consulting firm specializing in assisting life science organizations secure non-dilutive funding from US federal agencies and private foundations.


Heartseed is a biotech company developing iPS Cell-derived therapy with spheroids of highly purified(99%+) ventricular-specific cardiomyocytes for severe heart failure. Heartseed is globally leading competition in the MoA so called “Remuscularization”. By injecting these cardiomyocyte spheroids directly into the heart muscle wall, these cells can grow and electrically sync with other cells within the myocardium, and contribute long-term improvements in the strength of contractions. The Ph1/2 for HFrEF will be initiated in the middle of 2021, which will be expected to become registration trial for receiving conditional approval in Japan under the Japan governmental policy to accelerate regenerative medicine.


iCorNet Laboratory Co. is a medical device venture, developing the cardiac support net for the treatment of heart failure and Lethal arrhythmia. Our device for HF is Patient-Specific Design and Manufactured by 3D knitting machine individually. Our device for lethal arrhythmia (ICD cardiac net) can accomplish painless defibrillation (≦0.6J) in both large animal model and computer simulation. Painless defibrillation will bring paradigm shift in ICD therapy.

Imago Systems is an image visualization software company that enables the early detection of abnormalities in digital images at the pixel level. Imago's multi-dimensional visualization and characterization software, Imago ICE, processes digital images with intelligent algorithms. Imago's software increases the visibility of structures within an image, providing advanced levels of clarity, specificity and sensitivity, or Visual Intelligence. 


MandalMed is an early-stage biotechnology company that is translating breakthroughs in fibrosis research into therapies for patients with unmet medical needs. MandalMed's lead product is MM-003, a biologic inhibitor of galectin-3. Our initial focus is inhibition of cardiac fibrosis with therapeutic application in treating patients after myocardial infarction and those with heart failure characterized by elevated serum levels of galectin-3. We have found that short-term (7-day) treatment with MM-003 in animal models of MI profoundly benefited cardiac function.

Founded by St. Jude Medical Founder Manny Villafana, Medical 21 is a developer of an artificial graft designed to use in coronary bypass heart surgeries. The company s products include an artificial blood vessel as an alternative to harvesting blood vessels for coronary artery bypass surgeries, enabling cardio surgeons to make cardiac bypass surgery easier for patients and less expensive for the healthcare system.


Mercator is a medtech company with a proprietary “Micro-infusion” technology for the local delivery of drugs and biologics to targeted areas using arteries, veins and airways to get. The company has Phase II data on the delivery of a limus drug, similar to those on coronary stents, for use in the legs where stenting is not as popular. Mercator’s platform has the ultimate consideration in being able to deliver a combination of drugs locally, tailored to a patients needs, in the areas of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory abnormalities.


Origami Engineering for the Brain: Oxford Endovascular Ltd is a spin-out from Oxford University, working to prevent brain haemorrhage by treating brain aneurysms, a condition that affects 1 in 50 persons. It is developing OxiFlow™️ is a novel, next generation flow-diverter, that diverts blood flow away from intracranial aneurysms at risk of rupture. It places more accurately and safely than existing devices, reducing the risk of complications, conforming better to blood vessels making more patients treatable.


Paragate Medical is an Israeli innovative medtech company, aiming to revolutionize chronic diseases management by introducing the first ever fully implantable device to actively and continuously prevent fluid overload in congestive heart and kidney failure, thus keeping patients at their homes and reducing healthcare burden.


Pedra Technology provides non-invasive tissue perfusion monitoring in real-time during peripheral angioplasty, with first-in-human UK data demonstrating device safety, seamless angio suite workflow, and a quantitative intra-op perfusion target that correlates to positive outcomes. FDA approval is slated for Nov 2021, with initial market release in 2022.


PulseCath is the Netherlands based (since 2009) privately-owned Company, developing and marketing ground-breaking technologies to assist the pumping function of the failing heart and sustain life. In 2014 the Company received a CE clearance for marketing its second-generation device, iVAC 2L, which was commercially launched in September 2018, and has been used successfully in hundreds of patients in Europe and abroad.


Partnering Only: Qidni Labs Inc. is a medical device company in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We are developing an implantable renal replacement therapy for over two million patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) around the world. We are supported by Velocity in Waterloo, Ontario, Communitech Hub in Kitchener, Ontario and MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Raydiant Oximetry, Inc... A company dedicated to the mission of keeping mothers and babies safe during childbirth. It is hard to imagine a greater honor and privilege than working towards this goal. We are developing a low-cost, non-invasive biomedical device to monitor the oxygen levels in fetal blood. This will help obstetricians and patients have more and better information that they need to ensure that it is safe to continue labor or confidently decide that a cesarean section is needed. It is our hope that we will improve maternal and fetal outcomes, decrease cesarean delivery rates, and thus overall decrease healthcare costs worldwide by doing so.


Rancho Santa Fe Bio, Inc is an innovative small molecule technology company focused on the development of novel treatments for acute, chronic and debilitating cardiovascular diseases, working in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, and currently positioned for late-stage clinical trials and market access to improve the quality of life in patients and advance innovative medicines from new knowledge and drug discovery pipelines.


RTM Vital Signs LLC is a development stage medical device company focused on reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes among 40% of the adult population who have poorly controlled hypertension through continuous, real-time monitoring of the blood pressure waveform in ambulatory patients. Hypertension is the cause of over 50% of heart attacks and strokes. The RTM cardiac monitor is a unique, proprietary, patented solution to better control of hypertension and better understanding of the physiological signs of impending cardiac events.


The literature is replete with examples of the mandatory importance in CVDs and NVDs of protein nitrosylation by nitric oxide and GSNO, the carrier of 90% of nitrosylating activity. GSNOR, a denitrosylase, metabolizes GSNO and is overexpressed in CVDs and NVDs. SAJE’s lead drugs, SPL-850 and SPL-891, reregulate nitrosylation, by inhibiting GSNOR and increasing GSNO. Increased GSNO increases the nitrosylation of disease driver pathways and induces a list of therapeutic benefits relevant to CV/NV health, including: Inhibition of many cytokines, chemokines, oxidative and nitrosative stresses, mitochondrial dysfunction, platelet aggregation, and vascular dysfunction, all with no safety issues.


Sense Neuro Diagnostics (Cincinnati, OH, USA) Sense Diagnostics has developed technology that can 1) detect and distinguish between all stroke subtypes in pre-hospital and emergency department environments, and 2) monitor ongoing brain injury susceptible to expanding hemorrhage accurately, objectively, continuously and in real time. Our initial focus is on stroke and traumatic brain injury, where time to proper treatment is critical, and delays can result in disability or death. We have developed one device to effectively triage patients in the field and ED by determining stroke by subtype and bleeding from a TBI, and another for monitoring in the Neuro ICU. Sense technology performs a single scan of 360 data points in 2.5 seconds. In clinical trials our device has detected bleeds as small as 1 ml and ischemic brain as small as 3mL.


SoniVie Ltd. is a privately-held US/Israeli clinical stage medical device company that was founded in 2014 to develop and commercialize the TIVUS system (Therapeutic Intravascular Ulatrasound) to treat Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) by nerve ablation of the Pulmonary Arteries (PA), and to treat systemic hypertension through ablation of the renal arteries. The company has received Breakthrough Device Designations from the FDA for both treatments. This treatment is aimed at decelerating clinical deterioration, improve quality of life and clinical outcomes, and, reduce and delay costly drug consumption and/or healthcare service utilization.


Vanguard Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately owned company that is developing a drug targeting the process that drives sickle cell disease -- abnormal blood flow. Sickle cell sticking to the vascular endothelium is central to impaired blood flow, and the endothelial adhesion molecule P-selectin is necessary for adhesion. Pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS) is our parent compound for developing an oral once daily P-selectin blocker for prophylactic treatment to improve blood flow and avert vaso-occlusive pain crises. PPS advantages are oral bioavailability, FDA approval, and pharmacodynamic activity in SCD. We are optimizing a PPS version that has greater and more prolonged absorption by formulating the parent PPS or a superior PPS fraction as API. We are poised to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial.

Venock Logo final.png

Venock is MedTech startup with headquarters in New York City and operations in Munich, Germany. The company is developing the first vascular closure device which will allow cardiologists to close large bore (>8 mm) access sites in the femoral vein following an interventional cardiovascular (catheter) procedure, responding to an existing high unmet medical need with a >$2 billion market. The current method of closing such access sites is manual compression, which is time consuming, costly, and results in considerable amount of patient discomfort. The Venock system will attain full closure in 1 minute, generating a cost savings of up to $1000 per patient. While the company is focused primarily on large bore venous closure, the Venock device is being designed in such a way that it will close large bore access sites in BOTH the femoral vein and femoral artery.


VerAvanti is using advanced science and patented technology to create solutions that may one day help physicians find answers to strokes and heart attacks that often strike without warning. Illuminating risks, starts with seeing what is currently hidden. The advanced, laser-based medical camera leverages the promise of the patented Scanning Fiber Endoscope (SFE) to provide physicians with a real-time, high-resolution, surgical view into the hidden intra-vascular anatomy. The ability to visually identify potential risks for stroke and cardiovascular events could lead to more proactive interventions and treatment opportunities.  Founded and run by highly experienced MedTech executives, the VerAvanti team is leveraging past know-how gained from nurturing Verathon Inc., from startup to global, multi-national status. The first step is to address market gaps in managing stroke and cardiovascular events by commercializing the Scanning Fiber Endoscope (SFE) technology.

Vesteck is a medical device development company. Our first platform technology catheter sutures endovascular aortic repair grafts to the aorta at the initial implant or during a repair procedure. Vesteck sutures increase long term survival, eliminate graft migration and leaks that lead to complex, expensive repairs and mortality.


ViCardia Therapeutics is entering Phase 2 with GP531, a potent, long-lasting, infusion therapy that treats mitochondrial dysfunction in acute decompensated heart failure. ViCardia is led by a highly experienced management team, board of directors and board of scientific advisors with deep experience in treating heart failure and conducting cardiovascular research. Currently, there is no acute therapy that reduces mortality risk in patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. GP531 targets mitochondrial dysfunction, reversing the decline in the production of cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and improving cardiac function. GP531 provides the clear pathway to a life-saving therapy for millions of patients. ViCardia is seeking a strategic partner or investment capital to complete our Phase 2 clinical program.


Vital Metrix, Inc. develops a heart monitor that provides data to cardiologists while patients are home. The company offers Vital Metrix, a portable non-invasive cardiac output measurement device that uses digital signal processing based on pulse oximetry. Its device provides data to a patient's cardiologist while the patient is home, improves treatment of congestive heart failure and quality of life, and potentially reduces the risk of hospital readmission.


WinSanTor Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for peripheral neuropathies, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy, HIV-induced and others. WinSanTor was founded by scientists and industry experts who share the vision that recent scientific insights into the biological processes underlying degenerative diseases offer an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective medicines. WinSanTor is rigorously pursuing a science-driven approach to translational medicine and clinical development.


Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company with the world first polymer based technology platform designed to enable natural restoration of heart valves and blood vessels in the body. The technology uses patient’s own natural healing system to develop a new living functional vascular graft or heart valve. The novel technology comprises of supramolecular polymers (a Nobel prize winning discovery) and uses electrospinning manufacturing methods to create a unique architecture of small diameter vascular grafts and heart valve implants. Presenting a Multi-Billion Dollar market. Xeltis has demonstrated clinical proof after successfully implanting the technology in 30 patients with long term follow up.


XyloCor Therapeutics is focused on improving the lives of people with cardiovascular disease through our commitment to advancing the science of gene therapy.

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