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Presenting Companies


AsparaGlue is a medical device startup in the high growth, $8B surgical sealants, adhesives and hemostasis market, where many products are biologically derived, with special handling and storage requirements, and high COGS. Also, biological performance often means suboptimal mechanical performance, compromising surgical recovery. AsparaGlue’s breakthrough technology platform has superior mechanical properties, and is biocompatible, bioresorbable, easy to use and store, and has low COGS. The company has compelling supportive mechanical, biological, and preclinical data to date. AsparaGlue technology has other medical applications (bone glue) and non-medical applications (“green” pressure-sensitive and structural adhesives).


ATDev develops medical devices designed to launch scalable physical therapy to patients across the US and globally. Technology that reimagines physical therapy through robotics to transform access to care and tracking of patient outcomes.

Atzeyo logo.jpg

Atzeyo has leveraged an innovative ultrasensitive biosensor technology called Photonic Resonator Absorption Microscopy (PRAM) to develop a diagnostic platform for multiplexed detection of protein, RNA and DNA biomarkers in bodily fluids. This highly sensitive technology can detect biomarkers at ultra-low concentrations and distinguish among single nucleotide variants. When deployed, the fast, low-cost and easy-to-use PRAM diagnostic platform will bring a point of care (POC) diagnostic tool to bear on a multitude of conditions and cancers.


BOYDSense, an award-winning startup with R&D in France and the U.S., is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive breath analysis solutions for the screening, monitoring, and detection of different biomarkers in exhaled breath. It detects the type and concentration of volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath.


Brainify.AI is a precision psychiatry platform that helps pharma companies develop novel and effective antidepressants. By leveraging AI and ML, it analyzes EEG to predict treatment outcomes before treatment begins. It can identify placebo responders and non-responders, and those who benefit the most from novel therapies, thus enriching the patient population in the phase II and III clinical trials, increasing the likelihood of success and introducing a companion diagnostic tool for novel therapies, paving the way for a new drug to become a first-line treatment.


Byonyks is a privately held, early-stage company headquartered in Chicago, with a mission to revolutionize the way dialysis therapy is performed in the treatment of kidney failure. Our vision is to enable patients to access high-quality, cost-effective dialysis care. We are developing the next-generation, low-cost device for home-based peritoneal dialysis (PD), which aims to solve key problems with existing PD devices and enable innovation after decades of stagnation in the industry.


CathVision is a medical technology company that develops electrophysiology solutions centered around an innovative EP recording system and AI-powered analytic tools. Committed to empowering physicians to make more informed clinical decisions in the EP lab, CathVision is redefining the necessity of exceptional cardiac electrical signals to diagnose, characterize, and treat the most common heart rhythm disorders. CathVision was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Denmark with a U.S. office in Minnesota.


Collective Minds is on the mission to build the world's largest platform for professional healthcare collaboration. Our technology is a cloud platform for medical imaging, including data sharing, visualization and access to sub-speciality clinical expertise. We offer products for teleradiology, virtual medical education and professional clinical trials. We are currently on the path to becoming the industry standard and we are in use at more than 220 hospitals and have a user community of +22,000 radiologists.


Covanos is a development-stage advanced medical technology company that is changing the clinical paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery and other vascular diseases. Our first product, C-HEART, is a "virtual cardiac catheterization" software solution that uses proprietary advances in computational fluid dynamics to determine in real-time and at the point-of-care the functional significance of obstructive coronary artery disease from static images derived from widely available, non-invasive coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA). C-HEART determines non-invasively, in the outpatient setting, whether a patient with chest pain should undergo a subsequent invasive cardiac catheterization procedure to revascularize (stent) coronary blockages.


CxPrecision Medicine (CxPM) has developed and is commercializing blood-based diagnostic tests which use proteomics and machine learning to accelerate the diagnostic pathway of patients with neurodegenerative disease. Our first diagnostic test, NeuroFirstTM Memory, enables primary care physicians (PCPs) to determine which patients ages 60+ with suspected Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) should be further evaluated for AD versus which patients are highly unlikely to have AD and should be evaluated for other causes of memory issues. Our second diagnostic test, NeuroFirstTM Parkinson’s, will rule out Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for patients with suspected symptoms of PD. CxPM will launch the NeuroFirstTM Memory test as a Laboratory Developed (LDT) test to select practices in late 2024 on a fee-for-service basis, while completing steps needed to gain insurance reimbursement. CxPM’s blood tests are based on a proteomic assay using multiple biomarkers coupled with a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, trained on an extensive multi-ethnic database of fully characterized diseased and non-diseased patient, to classify each patient.


Cyban’s mission is to change the standard of care in how brain injuries are detected and managed by providing cutting edge solutions to enhance clinical decision making. Our Brain Pulse Monitor provides non-invasive, bilateral, continuous information on measures of intracranial pressure, oxygen saturation, providing information to clinicians that enable earlier decision-making to support the care of critically injured patients. The Brain Pulse Monitor enables early detection and treatment of brain hypoxia for unconscious and intubated patients in Intensive Care Units and the Operating Theatre.


At Dasion we are utilizing novel Geometric Unified Learning (GUL) to bring fast, interpretable decision making tools to healthcare practitioners, reinventing the relationship between AI and medicine. We build systems that expedite health data interpretation and diagnosis, allowing healthcare professionals to spend more time doing what they do best, caring for their patients.


Funded by physician scientists and AI researchers, DeepRx aims to address key unmet clinical needs in precision oncology, concentrating on guiding therapies in gastrointestinal (GI) and breast cancers. Our technologies have been validated using large-scale clinical trial data, which will change the clinical practice in GI cancers.


Our Mission Our mission is to improve and extend the lives of patients suffering from central nervous system (CNS) disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases and CNS malignancies. Our opportunity is to utilize proprietary closed loop CSF control & integrated ML/AI, providing precision dosing to areas of the CNS, with the goal of obtaining efficacious levels, while reducing risk of severe side effects and peripheral toxicity. Our strategy is two-fold: 1. Launch into neuro oncology, immediately addressing $1.2B market need. 2. Leverage partnerships to expand our portfolio with next gen, personalized medicine into neurodegenerative, lysosomal storage & autoimmune diseases.


Epidutech is pioneering a groundbreaking AI-Powered Magnetic Navigation Platform for spine surgeries and beyond. Our novel technology uses a tiny permanent magnet on the surgical tool and a compact magnetic "camera" that leverages AI algorithms to precisely track the tool's location during procedures. This robustly patented, affordable, compact and brand-agnostic system reduces radiation exposure, eliminates line-of-sight issues, and enables navigation of curved /deflecting surgical tools. With a significantly smaller footprint than existing navigation systems, Epidutech is poised to make surgical precision accessible across hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory surgery centres worldwide.


Frond Medical is an early stage MedTech company founded by two ex-Boston Scientific R&D engineers in Silicon Valley, CA. Frond has developed a technology platform that enables precise placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices used in interventional cardiology, structural heart and radiology. Through unprecedented accuracy and data analytics, our innovation will transform the interventional domain with better outcomes, ease-of-use, effective and efficient procedures, lower radiation and contrast agent usage, and improved economics for the provider.


GenEndeavor is on a mission to prevent genetic and infectious disease progression by detecting pathological biomarkers in early stages. Our technology platforms have garnered 16 issued patents and multiple innovation grants from NSF and NIH. GenEndeavor is looking for partners, collaborators, investments, and out-licensing opportunities to help advance our technologies into tests in the following applications: i) ovarian cancer screening, ii) point-of-care TB testing in non-sputum samples, iii) rapid real-time airborne pathogen monitoring at the point of detection, and iv) one-hour sepsis pathogen identification directly in uncultured blood samples, which we have received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA.


Heteron Biotechnologies is developing proprietary, non-invasive, disease-specific, smart, autonomous, AI-enhanced, hand-held in vitro breath diagnostics for large markets of gastrointestinal, liver and metabolic diseases with unmet need for POC, OTC and for home-testing diagnostics. Of the six breath diagnostics under development, three have been validated with over 100 patients and regulatory submissions would be either 510K for the diagnostics with predicate product and DeNovo submission for the diagnostics without predicate. The technology is patent-protected (5 issued patents and multiple pending patent applications) in the US, Europe and Asia and all products have very large addressable markets. Heteron is projecting to have all its products through regulatory approval by the end of 2027, starting in early 2026.


Home Health Systems delivers the SafetyPatch Platform, which includes a tiny wireless sensor, a phone application, cloud software for messaging, ordering and billing, as well as a cloud-based monitoring system. While wearing the sensor, communication between the application and cloud continuously details all vital signs, falls, activity, impact events, and location. An early warning system (EWS) with both NEWS2 and physician-specified alarms ensures that any significant health changes are reported. A strict protocol in the monitoring center mirrors a hospital environment by confirming all alarms, then passing events to registered nurses who can respond accordingly. In this way, remote monitoring is low cost, comprehensive, and effective at saving lives.


iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICAD) is a global leader on a mission to create a world where cancer can’t hide by providing clinically proven AI-powered solutions that enable medical providers to accurately and reliably detect cancer earlier and improve patient outcomes. iCAD’s industry-leading ProFound Breast Health Suite provides AI-powered mammography analysis for breast cancer detection, density assessment and risk evaluation. Used by thousands of providers serving millions of patients, ProFound is available in over 50 countries. In the last five years alone, iCAD estimates reading more than 40 million mammograms worldwide, with nearly 30% being tomosynthesis.


InkSpace Imaging has developed a cutting-edge MRI coil technology platform which will disrupt the healthcare industry. Our MRI coils significantly enhance the quality of diagnostic clinical images, reduce MRI scan times, and minimize the need for repeated procedures - addressing an issue that currently costs the US healthcare sector $4 billion annually. InkSpace Imaging’s first products for children and adults are FDA-cleared and will deliver an ROI in less than 6 months. We currently have sales agreements with GE, Siemens and a major U.S. distributor for the distribution of our products. We are raising a $10 million Series A financing and have closed the first $5 million.


At Invenio we’ve developed the NIO Laser Imaging system to provide real-time diagnostic images in the operating room. NIO is FDA-registered, CE-certified and has been used in over 5000 clinical cases in the US and Europe. The underlying technology was co-invented at Harvard by co-founder and CTO Chris Freudiger. We are currently running a clinical study to be the first to obtain FDA clearance for an AI detecting cancer in lung biopsies. The study is supported by the NIH and the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson.


Know Labs is a developer of non-invasive medical diagnostic platform technology using radio frequency (RF) dielectric spectroscopy to direct electromagnetic energy through an analyte to capture a unique molecular signature. This patented and patent-pending technology makes it possible to effectively non-invasively identify and monitor analytes that could only previously be performed by invasive and/or expensive and time-consuming lab-based tests. The first application of the technology will be in a product marketed as a non-invasive glucose monitor. The device will provide the user with accessible and affordable real-time information on blood glucose levels. The product will require U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance prior to its introduction to the U.S. market.


Medasense is transforming the way PAIN is being assessed and treated worldwide. Through our breakthrough NOL® AI technology and sensing platform, we quantify pain response to optimize care and avoid overmedication. Medasense’s flagship product, PMD-200™, is used in critical care settings, where patients are unable to communicate, to visualize pain response and personalize treatment. Clinical studies have demonstrated its impact on patient safety and outcomes – including opioid sparing and lower pain scores reported by patients. PMD-200™ is distributed in Europe by Medtronic, and is also commercially available in Canada, Latin America, Israel, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. It enables connectivity with Philips and Mindray patient monitors. Along our path to improve pain care in additional settings, we are harnessing our AI capabilities with NOLedge™, an agile investigational device to lead prediction, stratification and prevention strategies that will enable better pain management and reduce healthcare expenditures.


Magsorbeo Biomedical is a medical device development and manufacturing company founded by a team of industry veterans specializing in bioabsorbable metal implants. These fully absorbable implants are built from Magsorbeo's proprietary Curasorb alloy to improve surgery outcomes for patients, by restoring bone to its natural physiology and then safely absorbing, thereby eliminating the long-term complications and implant removal surgeries often seen with permanent hardware left in the body. Curasorb is designed to safely eliminate the excessive trauma and healthcare costs caused by permanent implants while matching the performance and usability of titanium implants for the surgeon. Lack of performance has limited surgeon adoption of resorbable polymer technology, and early absorbable metal technologies have lacked the necessary absorption performance that Magsorbeo has achieved.


Molecular You is the first and only multi-biomarker analytics platform, providing decision support to clinicians and ACOs based on highly accurate predictive risk profiles in 26+ health areas. Their advanced low-cost molecular AI-powered blood analytics platform is driven by quantitative proteomics and metabolomics (800+ biomarkers), that feed into an algorithm driven software program providing highly accurate predictive risk profiles for 26 health conditions with more in development. Molecular You’s clinical partners have 70 clinics nationally with a combined patient base of ~850,000. They are raising $8.5M to fund their commercial expansion activities and already have $5.6 million committed.


Monitored Therapeutics (MTI) is a digital health company and care management platform that leverages its patented, FDA approved home-spirometer and proprietary software platform to extend care for chronically pulmonary diseased patient populations (lung transplant, COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, BOS, etc.) to the ambulatory and home settings. Their GoSpiro device produces lab quality data from any location without assistance from a provider, empowering providers with accurate diagnosis and monitoring of patients, anytime, anywhere. Their solutions focus on the respiratory care continuum - not just a portion of it - so that providers can deliver the best care to their patients no matter where they are in their health journey. They have partnered with many top providers such as MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic and are garnering strong interest from payers and other risk-sharing organizations.


Innovations MUUTAA Inc. is a global healthcare AI technology company founded in 2019. The company’s mission is to accelerate the advancement of the clinically integrated supply chain. MUUTAA provides AI driven tools and technologies that propels product demand sensing, refine forecasting, optimize procurement processes and ensure seamless operations for hospitals, healthcare facilities and their suppliers in North America.


MY01 is a state-of-the-art medical device geared towards aiding in the detection of Compartment Syndrome (CS); a limb-threatening muscle condition that occurs within 48 hours following trauma. Currently, ACS is diagnosed based on subjective and unreliable outcomes like pain (known as 6 P’s), which when present cannot confirm the diagnosis in time for effective intervention. This leads to increased complications (muscle necrosis/amputation) and costs the US healthcare system more than $2.25 B annually. MY01 is capitalizing on a proven correlation between sustained increase in Intramuscular pressures and ACS for objective, early diagnosis. MY01 operationalizes muscular pressure monitoring into a simple, accurate single-use device.

nano4imaging (1).jpg

Nano4Imaging is a German innovation leader developing devices and software for interventional MRI (iMRI) based on nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The company offers three groundbreaking technologies—, trackr.magnafy, and EmeryGlide — enabling the use of MRI for endovascular interventions, which is an alternative to cath lab procedures driven by X-ray/CT imaging. The vision of Nano4Imaging is to provide safer and more precise interventions using the trackr. platform. The mission is to improve patient outcomes through advanced imaging technologies that reduce radiation exposure and enhance diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.


NanoSpun is a global pioneer and a front runner leading the 21st century biotech revolution. With proprietary and utterly disruptive bio-printing and advanced-materials technology, NanoSpun enables and facilitates the creation of novel, game-changing live-active cell-based products and solutions. NanoSpun products and technology trigger a fundamental change in key industries, creating immense value and thus offering compelling investment opportunities. Like the historic development of the microprocessor which enabled the digital, information, and AI revolutions, NanoSpun created a ‘biological-processor’ which allows and propels the development of revolutionary cell-based products and solutions for the health, medical and biotech industries.


NearWave makes non-invasive bedside imaging that leverages the latest in AI, optics, simulations, and sensor designs to help physicians select the right therapy for their cancer patients. We can tell within a week if a therapy is working or not, allowing physicians to stop or change therapies very quickly, rather than waiting 3-12 months. This saves patients months of side effects for the 70% of women that do not respond to cancer therapies, which currently costs the US health system $50B/yr.


In neurology, every minute without a reliable diagnostic increases the risk of irreversible damage, lengthens the stay, and incurs additional costs. NeuroServo has created a miniaturized, instant setup, and instant result EEG with AI pathology detection for ERs, ICUs, and operating rooms. NeuroServo is the solution when time matters, avoiding patient transfers (remote EEG) and providing constant (24+ hours) cerebral monitoring to detect abnormal events as they happen.


Newronika S.p.A. is an active implantable medical device company pioneering the development of the world's most advanced Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system for Parkinson's disease. The company has successfully pioneered the AlphaDBS system, a closed-loop DBS innovation featuring a proprietary control algorithm. The AlphaDBS device continually monitors brain signals, dynamically adjusting stimulation parameters to precisely meet each patient's therapeutic requirements.


Vascular occlusions in the coronary arteries cause heart attacks, one of the main causes of mortality worldwide. NIMBLE Diagnostics has developed the WAEVETM System, the world's first non-invasive technology that provides information about coronary stent occlusions to prevent recurrent heart attacks. We have obtained promising results in animals and are initiating our first-in-human tests. Join us in bringing this breakthrough technology to market.


OUR PRODUCT: EndoZip is an automated suturing system (“press the button suture”) designed to perform Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG), an obesity therapy procedure. OUR MARKET: ESG is a validated market opportunity (Boston Scientific’s 615M$ acquisition of Apollo Endosurgery) with reimbursement codes in place. OUR DIFFERENTIATION: EndoZip’s automated suturing, minimizes the steep learning curve of existing manual devices (“no training”) and grows the market by enabling more clinicians to perform ESG. OUR GOALS: On the back of strong clinical data and a de-risked commercialization path, we are raising Series C to obtain FDA clearance and launch EndoZip in the USA and Europe.


Novuson is Clearing the way for safer surgeries by eliminating excessive tissue damage and the associated smoke that obscures the surgeons field of view. Novuson developed the world's first Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound (DTU) surgical instruments for minimally invasive, robotic, and other surgical specialties. DTU is an alternative surgical energy modality that doesn't burn or char tissue and is more efficient than current technologies, making surgeries more precise, without risking the health and safety of the patients or the healthcare workers. Eliminating surgical smoke reduces health risks and potentially minimizes related complications. Novuson’s vision is to improve surgical safety and patient outcomes, ultimately reducing healthcare costs.


nSight Surgical is the first, truly objective health care record. Our video based artificial intelligence system is a consistent observer reporting efficiency, quality, and cost data to health centers. We are a Stanford Bio Design, Stanford Hospital Quality Improvement Project, and now an accelerated startup by Stanford StartX & UC Berkeley Health Engine. We have 5 patents and have academically published on our value proposition. We have been deployed with data in, for 1.5 years and are now scaling our commercial go to market.


Pretika MedTech is reimagining in-patient and out-patient care with Connected Wound Care Monitoring Technology. Embracing digital imaging wound care for better outcomes, lower costs, and a healthier future. Connected Wound Care Technology improves patient care by ensuring detection of complications and reducing costs associated with hospital readmissions.


Qidni Labs is a clinical stage hemodialysis and blood purification technology company disrupting the $100B dialysis industry with its portable and nearly waterless dialysis machine. Qidni's technology removes the infrastructure required for conventional hemodialysis and makes dialysis super accessible and affordable globally. Qidni’s technology has been tested in a clinical study with 15 kidney failure patients and in two long-term animal studies with fully nephrectomized sheep.


SageMedic (SAGE) has developed a best-in-class, fast, and scalable functional precision medicine platform, complementing genomic testing by helping the millions of cancer patients who don’t have actionable mutations. SAGE will be opening up an $8-12M Series A1 round to run clinical trials and scale commercialization as SAGE Oncotest™ is available to help cancer patients today. At a projected exit of $520, Series A1 investors would enjoy a 12x multiple.


Solenic Medical, Inc. is pioneering a non-invasive solution for infected implants, like prosthetic knees and hips, utilizing alternating magnetic fields (AMF) based on University of Texas Southwestern technology. This technology, designated a U.S. FDA Breakthrough Device, targets infections complicated by biofilms on implant surfaces. With the aging population and increased joint procedures, Solenic aims to replace the costly and risky surgeries that are currently the standard for chronic joint infections. The innovative approach addresses a critical need in orthopedics, offering a safer alternative for patients undergoing total joint procedures.


Stoparkinson is a venture funded clinical stage neuromodulation company that has developed the EarStim product to alleviate Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as tremors, slowness, and stiffness without a surgical procedure. The user-friendly wearable device provides relief of motor symptoms during OFF periods. The Company has three issued US patents and has completed five clinical studies. We are now seeking Series A funding of $12M for a pivotal FDA Study.


Extensive gaps remain in the effective care of tricuspid valve regurgitation patients due to the anatomical challenges involved. Triflo is a Southern California startup developing the Tricuspid Flow Optimizer, a minimally invasive implantable device that works in tandem with the native valve regardless of its size and shape to treat a much broader patient population. First successful human cases have been completed with the backing of global KOLs. The company is raising a Series B round to execute clinical studies in the US, Europe, and Brazil.


URO-1 just recently launched FDA cleared, patent protected, clinically validated products for prostate biopsy to boost the diagnostic accuracy of the procedure. Key innovations are a proprietary needle design and a “touch and go” method/device to retrieve tissue from the needle. The former captures significantly more tissue volume with increased sample-to-sample consistency and higher tissue quality. The latter preserves tissue integrity and prevents artifact. More tissue volume and quality increase the probability of finding cancer cells, reduces histologic preparation time, and facilitates interpretation by pathology.

Whiterabbit is pursuing approval and commercialization of WRClear - the first of its kind autonomous breast cancer detection platform using AI. Funded by a public company in the breast cancer space as well as a leading life sciences business, these partners are committed to helping facilitate the clinical rollout and commercialization of WRClear. In addition to significant commercial opportunities, these partnerships afford Whiterabbit a continued competitive advantage in access to unique, proprietary, scale datasets with which to continuously train its already superior performing models. Whiterabbit has assembled a world class team of researchers and practitioners, and unique to its peer set, has generated millions of dollars in revenue from the largest providers of radiology in the US through its novel software platforms.

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