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Presenting Companies
(as of 9/30/2023)


ACCELEStars is a wrist watch type medical device (service) company and manufacturer focused on leading the integration of Sleep Apnea (sleep and awakeness analysis) management into broader range of cardiac, central nervous system, mental care pathway. As one of the leading home sleep testing companies in Japan stemming from University of Tokyo. The company has pioneered an innovative sleep apnea management program (Sleep Compass?) for patients and healthcare professionals.

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Fatty liver disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the US, while 1 in 3 (or 100 million) Americans have fatty liver disease, many are unaware until the disease has progressed to later stages at which time the disease is no longer curable, patient outcomes are poor and healthcare spending can cost up to $1,000,000 per patient. AGED Diagnostics is using genomic innovation to develop the first accurate blood test for liver disease to help physicians keep patients in the monitoring program, reduce the financial burden for health insurers and improve patient outcomes through early detection and intervention.


AIQ is a commercial-stage company developing clinical decision support software for oncology. AIQ’s SaaS products address a gap that other technologies, such as radiology AI and genomic biomarkers, cannot fill. Patients with advanced cancer have many diseases that each respond differently to treatment, and therapy optimization requires targeting of small instances of resistance. AIQ provides oncologists with easy-to-understand reports that enable earlier determination of therapy effectiveness, avoidance of hospitalizations, and direct targeting of the specific lesions driving disease progression. Better-informed therapy optimization can save over $100,000 per patient while extending and improving the patient’s quality of life.


AlphaMol combines computational biology and in-house cutting-edged biotechnology, aiming at building up a complete pipeline to advance modern new drug discovery and drug design in an ultimately efficient way. Currently, AlphaMol has advanced  first-in-class preclinical candidates within 9 months which usually takes 5-7 years to achieve via traditional way; several pipelines are now in the lead optimization stages which usually take 2-3 years to achieve. 


AseptiScope, Inc., is a privately funded clinical innovation start-up in the Sorrento Valley biotech corridor of San Diego, CA. The company is founded and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers, and practicing physicians. The AseptiScope mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel solutions that offer “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.” The company is actively launching the first true solution for the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination: The DiskCover System. Visit The DiskCover System - PROTECT YOUR PATIENT for more information, or go to to purchase.


ATDev is reimagining physical therapy through robotics to transform access to care and tracking of patient outcomes. Through their novel knee brace, Rehab Robo, ATDev is on a mission to reduce barriers to physical therapy and improve the quality of care for individuals who have undergone knee surgery. Rehab Robo is the first device that can support the entire rehabilitation pathway in the comfort of a patient’s home.


Auctus surgical is commercializing a novel dynamic vertebral body tethering system to treat pediatric scoliosis with an adjustable non-fusion approach. The Auctus system is designed from the ground up to specifically address this important treatment option for adolescents who otherwise would be facing complex fusion surgery. The system allows both freedom of movement and growth of the child’s spine after surgery. Most importantly, the surgeon can adjust the tension on the implanted device non-invasively at any time so that it can grow with the child.


BioProtonics Inc. has patented a novel MRI diagnostic software only platform called Magnetic Resonance Histopathology (MRH). This software accurately measures living tissue sub 1mm (10-1000 microns) during a standard MRI scan. It offers a non-invasive and cost-effective alternative to surgical biopsies, providing information about the type and stage of cancer tissue. MRH is adaptable to all existing MRI scanners and adds only about 2 minutes to the normal scan. It can effectively differentiate various types of tissue.


Body Vision Medical is the global leader in AI-driven, intraoperative CT imaging. We believe in saving lives through the democratization of innovative medical technologies and that, by harnessing the power of AI, we can improve on the Quintuple Aim of healthcare. Our first commercial product, LungVision™, uses AI-driven algorithms to transform 2D X-ray images from any C-arm into intraoperative CT scans in real time during the lung nodule biopsy procedure. LungVision™ has the potential to revolutionize lung cancer diagnostics by cost-effectively providing clinicians access to the real-time image guidance they need to boost transbronchial lung nodule biopsy diagnostic success rates from ~70% to over 90%, leading to earlier lung cancer diagnoses, improved long-term survival for lung cancer patients and, in the future, enabling minimally invasive localized delivery of therapy.


BrainScope is a medical neurotechnology company that is improving brain health by providing objective, diagnostic insights that enable better patient care. BrainScope is leading the way in the rapid and objective assessment of brain injury and disease, starting with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).


CARI Health is developing a wearable remote medication monitor that enables personalized dosing and adherence monitoring for the purpose of increasing medication adherence. The platform monitors medications in the interstitial fluid in real time via a novel, patent pending electrochemical sensor. It is conceptually similar to glucose monitoring, but instead of glucose CARI Health is measuring medication levels. The sensor can detect many medications, but CARI will prove the platform capability first with methadone, a medication used to treat opioid addiction. Combining personalized dosing with the ability for patients to prove adherence remotely will make therapeutic treatment more compelling for new patients, more convenient for current patients, and result in longer adherence, all at a lower total cost of care for payers.


ChroniSense Medical is a digital health company transforming chronic care with advanced remote patient monitoring technology. Its Polso CONNECT™ platform – which combines a medical-grade wearable, an easy-to-use patient application, and a clinician dashboard – monitors multiple vital signs with FDA validated accuracy, empowering patients, clinicians, and payers to improve personalized care and health outcomes. Learn more at


At Dasion, we're revolutionizing healthcare by demystifying machine learning and ensuring explainability in our ML results. Prioritizing patient-centric diagnostics, collaboration, and privacy, our AI taps into open medical data, utilizing just 2% of essential data and auto-deidentifying patient information to reveal geometric patterns. Combining expertise in ML, math modeling, and application, we're a leap ahead, delivering transparent, precise, and transformative healthcare solutions for early and accurate detections.


Headquartered in Denver, CO, HealthBook+ has built a digital-first early identification and care platform that guides an individual’s next best health action using advanced AI. Designed by doctors and featuring the Seréa digital human, HealthBook+ identifies potential conditions early on and facilitates access to healthcare screening and services through secure chats, peer coaching, and education. The platform’s AI models are continuously reviewed by the company’s Medical Advisory Board, and are powered by an individual’s comprehensive health information, sourced from their provider hosted EHR systems, personal health trackers and via self-reporting. For more information, visit


InkSpace Imaging pioneers cutting-edge MRI coil technology, delivering featherlight, flexible body arrays that boost diagnostic imaging. Our award-winning innovative MRI coil technology platform delivers superior image quality, faster scans, and enhanced patient comfort. We're on a mission to expand MRI access, providing tailored, lightweight coils for improved patient care.


Interventional Systems empowers medical device companies with a full-fledged miniature robotic platform for a broad scope of minimally invasive applications, such as spine surgery, cranial neurosurgery, and interventional oncology. Micromate™, their flagship product, is a CE-marked, FDA-cleared, affordable, and easy-to-use miniature surgical robot with proven increase in accuracy, leading to better outcomes, fewer complications, and faster percutaneous procedures.


Isansys Lifecare is a world-leading med-tech and digital health company which focuses on transforming healthcare by providing cutting-edge remote monitoring solutions. Its next generation technology obsoletes current monitoring systems and empowers healthcare providers to collect real-time patient data, enhancing patient care and clinical decision-making. Isansys' offerings include the company’s own wearable sensors, AI and data analytics, and telemedicine platforms which enable continuous monitoring of vital signs, other health parameters and real-time AI enabled predictive and diagnostic digital biomarkers. Isansys is focussed on sustainable business models and increasing ARR’s. The company’s dedication to improving healthcare outcomes, and the ability of the technology platform to mitigate clinical staff shortages and burnout, lead to long term contracts as the technology is increasingly embedded as standard care in numerous clinical pathways. Isansys commitment to digital health in the acute and semi-acute sector differentiate the company from competitors and aligns with the growing demand for higher acuity remote patient monitoring solutions. This positioning, and global reach, offer a unique opportunity for investment and strategic partnership.


Kent Imaging, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading innovator in near-infrared tissue oxygenation imaging, which develops, manufactures, and markets medical technology that supports real-time decision-making in wound care, vascular, and surgical subspecialties. Kent holds multiple patents in oxygen imaging technology and continues to provide innovative and advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to aid healthcare systems nationally and internationally. SnapshotNIR is supported by clinical evidence showing how it can help improve decision-making in wound care and speed the time to healing. Applying the knowledge gained from clinical trials to patient care promotes consistency of treatment and optimal outcomes.


Liquet Technologies is revolutionizing the field of ophthalmology with its groundbreaking cataract removal technology. The innovative solution not only minimizes the risk of complications but also dramatically reduces patient recovery time, setting a new industry standard for safety and efficiency compared to the standard of care which was developed in 1967. For surgeons, our technology increases their capacity and lowers operational costs, driving up the value proposition. Investors looking to back a disruptive healthcare technology will find that Liquet Technologies offers a compelling opportunity for substantial returns. As the aging population grows, the demand for cataract surgeries is set to skyrocket, positioning Liquet Technologies as a market leader in a rapidly expanding sector.


MedySapiens, Inc. provides diagnosis and care services for newborns with rare diseases hospitalized in NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) with AI-driven Genomics technologies. Our two main technologies are 1. Diagnostic panel which detects actionable and relatively common rare genetic diseases, 2. Genetic variant analysis software solution, MedyCVi® (MedySapiens' Cloud for Variant interpretation)


Nano4Imaging (N4I) is an innovative German MedTech focused on enabling the success of MRI-based interventional radiology. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, with a subsidiary in Dublin, Ohio. N4I complies with all relevant regulations with a team growing from actual 10 to 20 employees beginning of 2024. N4I has developed the first CE- and FDA-approved guide wire (EmeryGlide) for safe and conspicuous catheterization in MRI. The company has also developed 2 breakthrough technologies: MagnaFy markers for MR visibility and AI-powered software that enables safe and accurate real-time navigation of devices in MRI, combining these in one platform (TRACKR). TRACKR's SOM is exceeding $1.2B in North America and Europe alone.


NanoSpun is a pioneer and a global front runner in the 21st century biotech revolution. With its proprietary and utterly disruptive bio-printing and advanced-materials live-active ‘bio-processor’ technology, NanoSpun enables the creation of a disruptive, new-generation of live and active cell-based products and solutions. NanoSpun technology triggers a fundamental change of key industries, while creating a tremendous value and offering compelling investment opportunities.


Novuson is clearing the way for safer surgeries with the world's first Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound (DTU) surgical instruments for minimally invasive, robotic, and other surgical specialties. DTU is an alternative energy modality for advanced energy surgical devices that is safer and more precise than current technologies, making surgeries faster and more efficient, without risking the health and safety of the patients or the healthcare workers. Novuson is positioned to commercialize their first devices and has precommercialization revenue through their collaborative R&D division. Novuson’s vision is to improve surgical safety and patient outcomes, ultimately reducing healthcare costs.


Ordaōs is leading a paradigm shift from drug discovery to drug design. Rooted in our name, we bring Order to the Chaos of traditional drug discovery and development methods. We create de novo mini-proteins to help drug hunters develop life-saving treatments.


OtoNexus Medical Technologies has developed the world's first hand-held medical device with miniaturized ultrasound technology to instantly and accurately diagnose a viral versus bacterial middle ear infection. In less than 2 seconds, physicians can evaluate middle ear infections and know whether antibiotic therapy is appropriate.


For over 20 years, Phoenix DeVentures has served as a one-stop-shop for medical device innovation and commercialization. More than 500 customers have benefited from our resources and expertise, which we leverage to help innovators and entrepreneurs introduce products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely.


Precisis develops bioelectronic methods to direct therapeutic currents at defined target areas of the brain. The company’s greatest success to date is EASEE® in the treatment of epilepsy. The minimally invasive brain pacemaker is the only stimulation device that just gets slipped underneath the skin and from there successfully stimulates affected brain areas.


Our company PROMISS® Diagnostics developed an innovative clinical diagnostics tool that employes machine-learning based risk assessment to accurately diagnose ovarian cancer at early stages - PROMISS® (Predicting Risk of Ovarian Malignancy In Serum Samples). The PROMISS® test utilizes well-characterized, objective parameters in a proprietary algorithm to provide a concise score that indicates the presence of ovarian cancer.


QuantumCyte is an emerging Medtech company located in Sunnyvale, CA. We have developed a digitally directed spatial tissue dissection platform technology for the Pharma drug discovery and clinical testing markets. For Pharma, we solve a bottleneck in clinical trial testing that significantly improves clinical trial time and for the clinical testing markets, we solve an unmet need in cancer biopsy testing. Specifically, 25% of solid cancer tumor biopsies submitted to a clinical lab for NGS based testing fail to yield conclusive test results. We solve this problem.


QV Bioelectronics is a pioneering company specializing in electric field therapy for the treatment of brain tumors through implanted technology. Their groundbreaking approach merges bioengineering with electronics to create implantable devices that directly target and combat brain tumors using electric fields. This innovative technology holds immense promise in the realm of oncology, offering a highly effective treatment option for patients facing the challenges of brain tumors without affecting patient quality of life. QV Bioelectronics is at the forefront of advancing patient care by providing a cutting-edge solution that has the potential to reshape the landscape of brain tumor treatment.


Reperio Health is the only provider of at-home and onsite comprehensive health screenings with instant results. An innovation in preventive health, Reperio’s patented technology pairs a mobile app with FDA-cleared medical devices and brings a consumer-grade experience to biometric screenings. Clients—including employers, providers, payers and more—are empowered by metrics-driven insights and HIPAA-compliant data integration to bolster their wellness, benefits and population health management offerings.


Rewire AI (Rewire Neuro,Inc.) offers core computer vision and machine learning services for biomedical imaging in clinical and research applications. Their cloud-based artificial intelligence inference engine, "," powers their consumer-facing image analysis platform called "Polygon AI" and partnering technologies.


SageMedic Corp, headquartered in California, is revolutionizing cancer diagnostics with a scalable platform that transcends the limitations of genomic testing, delivering results within just one week. Our pioneering OncotestTM harnesses a machine learning enabled 3D live cell sensitivity and resistance assay, empowering oncologists to make informed treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes through functional tumor profiling. Unlike traditional methods that rely on slow and often unreliable tumor cell proliferation, the Oncotest™ is both faster and more dependable. Our vision is to elevate personalized cancer therapy to the forefront, fostering hope and enhancing the quality of life for each patient. At SageMedic Corp, we are committed to making tailored therapy the new standard in cancer care.


Sensius changes the way we treat cancer. By adding our thermotherapy to radio- or chemotherapy we improve both survivorship and quality of life. Heating of a tumor with an artificial improves the outcome of radio- or chemotherapy, but it does not add toxicity. Sensius’ patented technology was developed by Erasmus University Medical Center and successfully applied on more than 70 patients treated for head and neck cancer. Our technology provides performance, but also ease-of-use and economic benefits for clinics and healthcare payers and can be used on many different tumor types Sensius has 5 LOIs, while 15 clinics are eager to engage in clinical confirmation studies.


Sinaptica Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company that is developing a Breakthrough personalized closed-loop neuromodulation therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease. Developed by scientists at Harvard-MGH and Univ of Ferrara, the company’s SinaptiStim(TM) System represents a totally new approach to treating AD by enhancing neuroplasticity via noninvasive neurostimulation of key brain networks involved in memory. In a published landmark Phase 2 trial, the therapy was demonstrated to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by >80% as measured by four gold-standard cognitive and functional clinical endpoints, making it potentially one of the most effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease ever published in a peer-reviewed journal (the Oxford University Press journal, 'Brain.') The company is currently in-process on a $36M tranched Series A which will fund a pivotal trial to achieve FDA clearance.


Stoparkinson Healthcare Systems Inc. is a is a privately held venture backed Company dedicated to the development of a neuromodulation device for the treatment of Parkinson Disease (PD). The Company has developed a non-invasive wearable neurostimulator, which relieves the motor symptoms of PD. The Company’s first product, EarStim is poised for its pivotal FDA clinical study.


Strados Labs' RESP™ Biosensor is the world's first FDA-cleared wearable device that remotely captures lung sounds such as coughing and wheezing associated with chronic respiratory diseases. Our AI-enabled technology offers a better approach to monitoring pulmonary status that doesn't rely on subjective patient self-reporting of symptoms. We partner with life sciences companies to help demonstrate treatment efficacy in clinical trials as well as healthcare systems to improve patient management of respiratory diseases such as COPD and Asthma.


Strōma Medical Corporation is a clinical-stage medical device company located in Irvine, California. Strōma has developed the Strōma Laser System (SLS), a patented laser technology to change eye color from brown and hazel to the options of a natural lighter color. This surgically non-invasive treatment is designed to require only a topical anesthetic, be performed in a doctor’s office, require minimal recovery time, and be performed in less than a minute per eye per treatment.


Swift Sync's pacing catheter represents a groundbreaking advancement in temporary cardiac pacing. Our patented Sync AV catheter is a unique solution designed to address a critical gap in temporary pacing situations, offering a seamless approach to cardiac care.


Synergia Medical is a preclinical stage company developing an innovative approach to improve the care of people suffering from treatment-resistant neurological disorders. The company’s novel technology is the first, non-metal neural stimulation platform that uses optoelectronics to deliver electrical pulses to the nerves or brain. By using optical fibers instead of standard metal wires, the Synergia platform enables the safe use of MRI exams, addressing a critical unmet need for understanding neurological disease progression and delivering better, more personalized treatment. For additional information, visit


Synfini is transforming modern drug discovery by uniting physical and virtual chemistry to deliver novel therapeutics for the benefit of human health and longevity.


Tempo is a therapeutic biomaterials company solving the immune rejection problem, the #1 challenge in tissue engineering. Using its proprietary MAP biomaterial technology, Tempo is creating next generation injectable tissue scaffolds that are minimally invasive, integrate with patient tissue, and act as focal therapies to build new functional tissue volume in patients without delivering exogenous cells, drugs, or biologics. With MAP, Tempo is bringing the promise and power of tissue engineering to the patient.


Tethis S.p.A., an Italian diagnostic firm, has pioneered the development of See.d, an automated platform for multiomics liquid biopsy. This platform revolutionizes the standardization of plasma and cytology sample preparations for liquid biopsy by addressing two major challenges: the absence of pre-analytical standardization and direct visualization of tumor and immune cells. A standout feature of the See.d platform is its use of nanocoated slides. These slides enable an unbiased collection of white blood cells and rare cells, making them ideal for AI-driven digital pathology analysis. Tethis is establishing a robust workflow for this cell sample analysis. In addition to this, the plasma samples can be analyzed for circulating free DNA and other molecular markers using in-market kits, further enhancing the platform’s capabilities.


VESTECK, Inc is a clinical stage medical device company. The “SUTURE-TIGHT” tm catheter comes preloaded with nitinol sutures to secure endovascular aortic repair grafts to the aorta either at the time of initial implant or during repair procedures.

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