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Sensius: the 4th pillar in cancer treatment


Sensius is a Dutch company, headquartered in Rotterdam. Thermotherapy by Sensius is changing the way we treat cancer. By elevating the temperature of the tumour to maximum fever levels, we improve survivorship and quality of life at the same time. Thermotherapy is used in combination with radio-, chemo and immunotherapy and adds no toxicity. The cost-benefit ratio is obvious by a new balance in treatment: the clinical outcome improves together with quality of life, while reducing the economic burden of cancer treatment for society.


Key Opinion Leaders and innovators express strong support for Sensius. As a consequence, Sensius has a lot of traction in the market:

· 5 LOIs signed

· 15 Clinics joining on clinical confirmation studies

· 23 ongoing sales discussion

· 4 grants recently awarded.


Our patented and AI driven medical device technology provides high performance in focus and control of the heat, easy adoption through alignment with the radiotherapy workflow and economic benefits for clinics. It has been well proven in many phase III studies that adding heat to a tumor improves the response to radio- and chemotherapy. Heat causes unfolding of proteins making the tumor cell easier to recognize for the immune system. Heat causes an increase in the blood flow, making vessels and cell membranes more permeable to active compounds (chemotherapy). Higher temperatures inhibit DNA repair which is induced by radiotherapy. Research demonstrates T-cell killing efficiency can increase with as much as 500% because of elevated temperature as enhancement of the effect of immunotherapy.


Over 70 patients are treated on clinical prototypes. Sensius will complete market access (CE/UKCA/FDA) in 2025. Our launching product is for treatment of head-and-neck cancer, but our roadmap has solutions for many tumour types. After head-and-neck cancer, Sensius will work on a treatment of breast cancer. Thermotherapy is to be used with radio-, chemo- and immunotherapy and thus is to become the fourth pillar in cancer treatment, addressing a market north of US$13 billion.


You will find the Sensius team to be remarkable in its knowledge, experience and commitment. Sensius will be a reliable partner for its suppliers and investors. Most importantly, the Sensius team is respectful to patients with cancer and the people who care for patients with cancer.


Historically we already raised over US$10M and recently secured US$5M in match funding from the European Union, and Invest-NL have confirmed their interest for a match investment of approximately US$6M. We recently got awarded with several grants in collaboration with European universities and partnering companies develop amongst others Quality Assurance (QA) instrumentation, improvement of temperature control, and most importantly a novel applicator for the treatment of early stage breast cancer, potentially helping 30% of 2.2 million women each year diagnosed with breast cancer to eliminate or reduce the impact of breast surgery.


Sensius is currently looking for bridge funding of US$3.7M, of which 60% is already subscribed. A lead investor is already engaged. Minimum ticket size to subscribe to this round is US$55k (equals to € 50k). This will enable us to continue to de-risk our proposition, as requested by various VCs with which Sensius is in contact.


Following this bridge round, Sensius anticipates a Series A round for next year. This round aims to raise US$ 12.7M, of which approx. US$9M is already committed.


Sensius aims to be ready for an exit to strategics within 5 years, key global medtech players are already engaged at C-level. We consider an IPO at NASDAQ as a relevant second exit option.


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