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Patia: Pioneering the prevention of a silent Pandemia

A silent pandemia is affecting Four Hundred Million People worldwide. You may call it Sugar, others call it Type Two Diabetes T2D. A chronic pandemia that costs billions of USD, challenging the sustainability of Healthcare systems.

The only beauty of this devastating pandemia is that we can prevent it. With this aim in our brains and our hearts, The Carlos Slim Foundation has funded a long-term R&D project, the SIGMA project, at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT with more than 150 million USD since 2010. The SIGMA project has rendered the identification of novel genetic traits that are associated to Type Two Diabetes. Papers have been published in top scientific journals, such as Nature, Cell or JAMA, and Patia was started-up to translate all that knowledge into medical devices and enable T2D prevention and early intervention.

Patia has developed a pioneering digital diabetes care program. It cost-effectively integrates a curated suite of high-throughput genotyping tests with prediction algorithms and digital Apps.

Leading AUC = 0,82 after 8,000 patients clinical validation, Granted patents and Scientific papers protect and certify the reliability of Patia DIABETESpredict: A Genotyping tool that assesses the risk of developing T2D and provides the physician and the patient with genotype-informed recommendations about diet, physical exercise, food supplements and other tests to complement the genotyping.

The SIGMA project has also identified genetic traits that are associated to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. GDM is the germline of T2D. Up to 10% of pregnant women suffer GDM and up to 50% of those women and their babies will suffer T2D during their lifetime. Patia has developed GDMpredict, a genotyping tool, to enable GDM prevention and early intervention, with the end aim at preventing T2D to happen on those women and their babies.

DIABETESpredict and GDMpredict are at Commercial Business development deals with Clinical Labs and Hospitals in Europe, USA and LATAM, as well as Reimbursement from major Health Insurance Companies, enable patients and their families to access Patia genotype-informed devices.

A genotyping-informed vaccine has arrived to prevent the Type Two Diabetes Pandemia.

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